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Sunset hike at Bald Hill

Posted on May 1, 2015

Here we are preparing to start the weekend but I haven’t told you yet about last weekend! So, better...

The problem of worry

Posted on Apr 21, 2015

I intended to share a post full of waterfalls today, to tell you all about our weekend adventure. But other...

Grand Finale in the Cascades

Posted on Apr 16, 2015

For my mom’s last adventure during her visit, we decided to go all out and show her as much beauty as...

Sunset Picnic at Mary’s Peak

Posted on Apr 15, 2015

If you recall, Andrew and I attempted to watch the sunset at Mary’s Peak on Valentine’s Day but...

Coastal Field Trip with Mom

Posted on Apr 7, 2015

The last time my mom visited was at Christmas, and since then we’ve explored a lot more of the area....