I hate running . . . but I love it

Thumbnail image for I hate running . . . but I love it December 13, 2012

A Tale in Two Parts Part 1 Running and I have a complicated relationship. It all started in my college phys ed class when I was faced with the dreaded task of running three miles WITHOUT STOPPING at the end of term. To me that was equivalent to climbing Everest or swimming through shark infested […]

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< insert catchy & preferably cliche phrasing of 'I'm Back' >

Thumbnail image for < insert catchy & preferably cliche phrasing of 'I'm Back' > December 11, 2012

I’m getting quite talented at dropping off the radar. Ye olde blog has gotten a bit dusty here, patiently waiting for my return. I just haven’t had anything to write … or at least, that’s what I told myself. There’s another writing project I’ve been working on and I had this utterly twisted notion that […]

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The big move

Thumbnail image for The big move September 14, 2012

Where to start? Since my last post in July (….yikes!), life has been go-go-go – hence, the lack of blogging. After returning from our unexpected vacation in July, we poured our energy into prepping our house to sell. Some projects were easy (cheerful new flowers for the win) while others made us question our sanity […]

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Meet Jack

Thumbnail image for Meet Jack July 18, 2012

Yes, we have another foster dog. This poor guy was fuh-reaking out at the center. Scared to death with huge separation anxiety. So, we brought him home to our pack of hounds. And…he was terrified of them – especially Wally, oddly enough. Our guys were baffled – they went from Hey-New-Guy-Let’s-Play to Hey-New-Guy-Let’s-At-Least-Sniff-Each-Other to Huh…What’s-Wrong-With-This-Dude? […]

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Thumbnail image for Recharged July 16, 2012

It’s been one week since we returned from our impromptu vacation – and mannnn, what a full week: taking in a new foster dog, house projects, job stuff, and plans, plans, plans. Exciting times, my friends, that I hope to share in more detail soon.  Fortunately, our getaway recharged and refreshed us.  We had a […]

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