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Posted on Mar 30, 2015

Adventures in Oregon: Tamolitch Falls (Blue Pool)

When we visited Koosah Falls & Sahalie Falls, we knew we had to plan another hike to check out Blue Pool, located just a little further along the McKenzie River. Blue Pool is at the base of Tamolitch Falls …. or what once was a waterfall. The falls are dry now and water streams underground into the pool. Since last week was spring break in the area, we had high hopes that the trail would not be crowded …. you may laugh now. There were soooo many people! By far, this was the most people (and dogs!) we have ever encountered out hiking.


The hike itself was relatively flat with a lot of mud … we’re talking massive puddles but they were easy to scramble around. Unless you were Annie and you preferred to walk right through them. Sasha would take the utmost care to tiptoe along the rocks, well out of reach of any mud but Annie plunged in with relish. Silly dog.



The pool was spectacular. Gazing down into the crystal clear water, you see a vivid blue reflecting the sky and trees above. Incredible.








We continued around the pool, crossing the dry rock bed where once upon a time water flowed and made our way down to the water’s edge. Aside from a pack of mountain bikers yelling and being generally obnoxious, it was amazing to experience.



After admiring the view for a little while, we headed back down the trail, with the McKenzie River on one side and moss-covered lava scree on the other.






All in all, the hike itself was beautiful and easy but it will probably be a long while before we head down this super-popular trail again. I know I’m an 89-year-old grandma trapped in a 32-year-old’s body but I just don’t see the need for grown adults to yell and scream when you’re out hiking – or smoke for that matter. I was always fairly confident that smoking and hiking did not go hand in hand so imagine my surprise to walk through a cloud of tobacco at the pool. Can you imagine how much fun I’ll be when I really am 89 years old – I’ll be knocking cigarettes out of people’s mouths with my cane and carrying around a megaphone to yell at folks to hush. I can’t wait!


I digress. Despite the noise and smoke, we enjoyed the hike and Sasha and Annie certainly had a good time as well, judging by their rock-solid naps in the backseat on the way home.


And now to get ready for my mom – she arrives in t-minus 6 hours and I am so excited!

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