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Posted on Jun 3, 2011

Whoa – where did the time go??

I promise I haven’t disappeared! Life was wonderfully full for the past week or so with my parents visiting, my birthday and Memorial Day.  Blogging simply had to take a backseat so I could thoroughly enjoy it all. But no worries – I’m ba-aaack! (she says in sing-song/slightly creepy voice)

This past weekend was my birthday (what? doesn’t your birthday last for a whole weekend? er, excuse me, 3 day holiday weekend? Yes. It’s awesome.)

It was an absolutely amazing time.  My parents were visiting and this was their first time experiencing beautiful weather in Pennsylvania (instead of snow or rain or sleet or virtually any precipitation that could possibly fall).

We had breakfast al fresco…

with waffles…

and fresh fruit…

sliced and diced with my new loves knives…

(thank you Andrew ♥)

fresh orange juice that went from this:

to this:

courtesy of this:

(thank you to my awesome in-law’s)

and some of my favorite flowers (don’t they just make life more cheerful?)

We relaxed, we read (oh, how I’ve missed reading just for pleasure these last few weeks!), we enjoyed delectable food at my favorite restaurant, we took in some community theater in a barn (<– such a cool venue!).

We enjoyed dinner outside, talking and laughing.

Birthday strawberry-rhubarb pie was inhaled daintily consumed in a sophisticated manner by all  – who says you need a cake?

(recipe forthcoming!)

I may or may not have squealed out loud in surprise when one of my best friends on God’s green earth rolled this baby into the backyard as a gift for me:

(thanks, K-t :))

As amazing as all those gifts were, there was still one more that took my breath away: Sherlock’s vet bills completely paid for.

Thank you, Mom & Dad, for peace of mind and for loving your little grand-dog so very much.

This birthday was like Christmas – so much generosity poured onto me. All at once.

And I feel thoroughly ill-equipped to express the extent of my gratitude.

I am blessed with a life far better than I deserve, one that is built on the unconditional love and support of my family and decorated with the joy of friendship.

Thank you to my amazing friends and family for ensuring that on my birthday and all days, I feel genuinely loved.


    1. We had such a great time visiting with you and the family! We love you SO MUCH! And we miss getting to see you more often. Loved being with you, loved the good food you made us!, loved being around Andrew, loved getting to see the grand-dogs, loved the time spent with your good friend. The weather was indeed beautiful and, well, we just LOVED being there!

    2. Looks like a truly dreamy birthday weekend. I wouldn’t have given that up for blogging either. Good choice 🙂

      Enjoy your sunshine!

    3. Soo looking forward to the pie recipe. It looks delicious!

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