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Posted on May 26, 2012

Visiting the New England Coast


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Last weekend, we took a short (ha!) little drive up to Dover, NH to visit our good friends, Maggie and Marshall. Opting for the scenic route, we drove up the coast…and of course, paid dearly. I’m fairly sure that the entire state of Connecticut was intent on not letting us pass through. Despite the terrible traffic, we managed to make it to New Hampshire and had a fantastic visit with wonderful friends in a beautiful setting. Coastal New England is absolutely lovely – oh how I miss that salty air coming off of the water. One day, Ocean, we will live near you again, one day. Our quick little trip packed in a tour of Portsmouth, a visit to the University of New Hampshire campus, a cliff/beach walk along York Harbor,  dining at a couple of cool eateries, game-playing (‘The Big Idea‘ = fantastic game), and introduction to banana bread beer (it tastes oddly like bubblegum). Also, I took part in my first-ever game of frisbee golf which was really more like taking a nice leisurely hike through the woods and randomly throwing a disc that went anywhere except where you intended. I learned that I do not have any hidden frisbee talents, unless you count giving the illusion of using a massive amount of effort to toss a disc a few wobbly pathetic feet away from you, preferably landing in a thick cluster of scratchy bushes. Wish you had my skills, don’t you?

Our visit was not just for sightseeing though – I had the pleasure of shooting engagement photos for Marshall & Maggie!

As luck would have it, Maggie happens to work at a stable, and we found some gorgeous light to work with there.

It was truly an awesome experience to get to capture the love of close friends, especially in such a beautiful area. Love you both!


*Just want to make a quick PSA for Dreamhost: my blog was attacked by some nefarious folks yesterday, and after much crying and nashing of teeth, I contacted my host (Dreamhost) to see if they could help. They went above and beyond to find and destroy the infected files and had everything in perfect working order in just a few hours. In short, they were freaking awesome. If you are looking to self-host a site, consider Dreamhost – I have had nothing but a positive experience with their support.


  1. just stoppin’ by to say how much I love your photography and your blog! I’m can’t wait to try the strawberry muffins you posted! Oh, hey Maggie and Marshall! They look so happy.

  2. L-o-v-e-d the photos! Great job! Looks like yall had a great time. Loved the shot of Maggie and Marshall sitting on the fence – they look so in love. And Heather, love the shot of you and Andrew on the rocks. Great picture of you both. Keep the photos coming! So enjoy them. Love you.

  3. Love the photos and can’t wait to see the rest! I miss you guys already and look forward to another visit whether here or you’re next location in the coming months <3 PS. Happy belated birthday!

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