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Posted on May 17, 2011

The Importance of Being Waggly

Meet Sherlock.

He is hardworking (dropped food is no match for him),

generous…sort of (‘Here’s my tennis ball..see? I’ll let you have it – oh wait, no, I want it back’),

and ever vigilant of potential intruders (no falling leaf escapes his notice).

He is my baby. There has never been a day that his waggly little body hasn’t made better.

He is snaggle-toothed and has questionable breath sometimes but I love him.

He has an unshakable and irrational fear of Andrew’s Grandpa, the vacuum and having his toenails clipped but I love him.

He can track mud in the house, pull on his leash even when I’m sprinting and immediately rip the heart out of any squeaky toy I give him…but I love him.

He may have a heart murmur and a leaky mitral valve between his left ventricle and atrium.  He may have knee joints inflamed to the point that he can’t get up on his own.  He may require weekly laser treatments and intramuscular injections to restore those joints and alleviate the pain.  And all that may cost more than our mortgage this month.

But I don’t care.

I will tighten my belt as much as I have to.

So long as that waggly little body can still waggle.


    1. I love my “granddog” ! (wait a minute, I need to get a tissue). We will hug on him all weekend when we get there! (Adorable pictures)

    2. This post is way too sweet not to comment.
      I just came across your blog the other day…I think led me here. I too am a vegan/environmental engineer so I figured this would be a great read for me…I like it a lot, keep it up!

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