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Posted on Jul 20, 2015

Summer Vacation

While I love blogging as a means to store some of my memories, it always takes a backseat to the actual making of memories. This has been the case for the last few weeks but never fear, I’m back to share more pictures of pretty places.

At the end of June, we flew east to meet up with my family off the coast of South Carolina. We spent several days relaxing by the water, riding bikes all over the places, paddleboarding, playing cards and just generally enjoying time together. It was fabulous. The wonderful thing about family is that you can always pick up right where you left off. It was so good for my soul to spend time with my parents and my grandmother. Meme has her good days and her bad – but, boy, she can still play a mean game of Yahtzee!



kiawah2015-14 kiawah2015-26 kiawah2015-27

kiawah2015-29    kiawah2015-42  kiawah2015-30


kiawah2015-2 kiawah2015-14 kiawah2015-19

IMG_7993 IMG_8006 kiawah2015-47 kiawah2015-49

At the end of the week, we headed to North Carolina to visit with Andrew’s family. It was wonderful to check in with so many familiar faces from home and we even got to visit with Brady – he’s living the life, let me tell you!

southportfourth-1 southportfourth-2 southportfourth-4


IMG_8116 southportfourth-11


southportfourth-27 southportfourth-14  southportfourth-17


It was the perfect respite and hard to believe that we’ve been away for so long. I could tell you about the various trivial annoyances of our flights (like a misplaced boarding pass, a plane delayed due to vomit, turbulence, noticing the interior wall of the plane has duct tape on it) but I’d rather tell you that no matter the obstacles, time spent with family is worth it. Memories made, laughs shared and good conversations with the ones who know you best – these are priceless.

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