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Posted on Mar 13, 2012

Springing forward

This past weekend was filled with the following:

  • furnace breakdown
  • sooty mess
  • furnace repair
  • widespread use of space heaters
  • cold sunshine
  • warm sunshine
  • brewing of not one but two (hopefully) awesome beers
  • yelling and shaking of fists at the NC State game (don’t get me started on the officiating or lack thereof)
  • happy dance that NC State is going dancing (…they’re in the NCAA Tournament for you non-bball-folk)
  • recognition of my lack of fire-building skills
  • recognition of Ben’s fire-building prowess
  • running!
  • wearing shorts!!
  • eating al fresco
Quite the full weekend, no?
I am so happy that we’ve officially sprung forward and that it will still be light out when I get home from work. Sunshine and blue skies definitely bring out my productivity … now, if I could just get the good ol 9 to 5 to move their office to a tropical island… say, Tahiti?

A few scenes from said glorious weekend:

*that’s Ben, in case you were wondering who the fire-making guru is

let’s have another look at that fire…ooooh….ahhhh….

I couldn’t resist taking a few shots of my little canine models in the beautiful golden light that filled our backyard – I pity our future kiddos; they will likely grow to hate the camera, exasperated that their mom is taking pictures yet again (…though I think Sawyer already feels that way)

That green thing is ‘broccoli’– I found a pack of several dog toys on clearance Target (or Tar-jay for you classy folks) that I’m guessing was supposed to represent a plate: cauliflower, broccoli, lemon and a goldfish. Poor goldfish – it never stood a chance against two beagles

That’s all for now, folks 🙂

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