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Posted on Mar 18, 2015

simple weekend

We kept last weekend low-key, owing in part to a good deal of work that Andrew had to take care of and in part to the crappy weather that drifted in. The dogs and I may have gotten a little stir-crazy, itching for a hike but as I explained to Annie and Sasha, their daddy doesn’t love them*. However, we still managed to enjoy a few simple pleasures:


Chai Tea & Seattle Chocolates: we finally got around to checking out one of the local co-ops and as soon as I saw these little Seattle Chocolates stationed strategically near the register, I knew resistance was futile. This particular flavor was Salted Almond and as hard as I tried to savor them, they were gone in a flash. Andrew brewed up some chai tea to sip while the rain drizzled away.


Pix Theater: I stumbled across a small theater in Albany (the next town over) that looked interesting so we paid a visit to see The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel. Let me just say, I was blown away by this place! Located in a very old downtown building, the theater offers one screen with fully modernized equipment and seating. Walking up, I wanted to squeal at the sight of festive lights strung up outside. We stepped inside and purchased our tickets (only $5 each!). In the lobby, I had to silence another squeal when I saw little twinkle lights all over the place as well. Sorry there’s no photo but people were standing by the lights and I thought they might consider it a tad weird for some strange lady they don’t know to hold her phone up and take a picture of them. I’m just not that hardcore of a blogger.


However, I did manage to snap a photo of the truffle case – look at all those chocolates! The concession stand also offered beer, wine, specialty coffee, hummus & veggies and even a dish mentioned in the movie, chilla pancakes. We were old school and boring and just ordered popcorn and a soda but it was only $5.75! That would barely buy you a cup of water at the mainstream cinema here in town (and tickets cost a whopping $10.25 a person). After we received our refreshments (very quick service, I might add), we headed in to find our seats. Several small tables and even a couch line the back wall but we opted for seating toward the front – mostly because that was what was left – it was quite full! Luckily, the seats let you really sink down in them so I had a comfortable view – again, another distinct difference from sitting toward the front at the other place in town where I got a creak in my neck from staring up at the screen. After the movie ended, we walked out to find staff manning the exit doors, laden with baskets of Andes mints for everyone to take. How nice is that??

So, just to recap – we went to the movies, had soda and popcorn and free Andes mints for $15.75 … I call that a win!  It is so refreshing to visit a place that has gone all-in to create a special experience for its patrons but also kept it affordable so that a good deal more people can enjoy it. If you ever find yourself in the area, check out Pix Theater – I promise you’ll fall in love with the place just like I have!



*this is called humor. It doesn’t come around these parts very often so when it does, I feel obligated to assist my unsuspecting readers in recognizing it.

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