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Posted on Jun 1, 2012

Older, mostly wiser

So, this week I turned older.

A year away from the big 3-0.

Part of me fears aging – I see the numbers piling up and I think of all the things I should have done by now.

I should have been well into a career path by now – not just embarking.

I should have traveled the world by now – instead of just shaping our trips around wherever our friends move 🙂

I should have kids by now – not just planning for when we will adopt in the future.

I should have some idea of what the future looks like.

My timeline should be at least in the same ballpark as everyone else’s.

I should have everything sorted out, right?

But the beauty of getting older is that you also get wiser.

You realize that oftentimes, your well-laid plans provide for good laughter later.

You realize that your path is different from your neighbor’s – and there’s a good reason God has seemingly laid a walkway in a zigzag pattern all over yonder. (Whoo hoo! Finally got ‘yonder’ in a blog post!)

You realize that contentment does not equal complacency.

You realize that none of those should have’s matter.  They take away from the beauty of the here, the now. And my here, my now is far too precious to overlook.

My life has not gone according to plan.

And I’m grateful – grateful for all the twists and turns, the chaos, the unexpected ground covered. I’m grateful for my family, my friends, the places I’ve been.

Even for the frustrating moments – leaking gutters, I’m looking at you.

Right now, I have no idea where I’ll be in two months or three months or four months.

But I do know where I’ll be in 7 months…

I’ll be running next to my partner in crime through the happiest place on earth…

And I’ll be darn happy (though maybe temporarily questioning my sanity at mile 12), regardless of how fast I run (I’m pretty slow) or what place I finish.

Because it’s not about the finishline – it’s about the run and the amazing guy keeping pace beside me.

Have a great weekend, everyone 🙂



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  1. Haha that picture is well played!

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