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Posted on Mar 26, 2012

Lessons from the weekend

1. The Belgians know what they’re doing.

Beer….waffles…what more do you need? Methinks a visit to Brussels would make for a wonderful vacation.

2. Dirt Devil vacuums are crap.

I promise all I did was turn the vacuum – not like a madwoman – in fact, it was rather lazily. This vacuum and I have long held a mutual hatred for each other.

But I win, Dirt Devil, I win.

No more dust explosions when emptying out your poorly designed canister. No more falling over at the slightest tug. No more trying to channel all of my bodyweight into my thumb to generate enough pressure to push in the release button that will.not.give.

Though you may think you have defeated me in one final glorious act of rebellion, you are wrong, little vacuum. For now I am the proud owner of a functioning vacuum – one that actually sucks up dog hair rather than somehow multiplying it.

3. The Hunger Games on film was fan-freakin-tastic (but I already knew it would be).

The pathetic attempt at a line that descended into lawless chaos when the theater doors opened was not.

4. When rain swoops in to spoil your plans of working in the garden, a squeaky chew toy does wonders, according to Sherlock.

5. A good nap on the couch is also a grand alternative.

6. Wally concurs with #5.

And now to face a very full work week that will not end until next Wednesday.

Cue mental toughness.

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  1. How fun to read your blog. Sorry about the Dirt Devil. Glad you now have a “grown up” vacuum! 🙂
    Also enjoyed “The Hunger Games” movie. Very well done. Also saw “OctoberBaby” – excellent movie. Everyone should see this. If it’s in your area, please go see it.

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