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Posted on Dec 11, 2012

< insert catchy & preferably cliche phrasing of 'I'm Back' >

I’m getting quite talented at dropping off the radar. Ye olde blog has gotten a bit dusty here, patiently waiting for my return.

I just haven’t had anything to write … or at least, that’s what I told myself.

There’s another writing project I’ve been working on and I had this utterly twisted notion that I shouldn’t work on any ‘fun’ writing until that was out of the way. As if I only had a finite quantity of Written Word within me and I needed to hoard it for the Big Serious Writing.

But the truth is I miss writing here very much – I miss opening up a blank ‘Add New Post’ and then by-golly, adding a new post.  (Can we bring back by-golly or is it too far in the past to pluck from its holdfast of benign black-and-white films?)

So I’m kicking my silly, self-imposed rule to the curb and diving back in to my virtual creative outlet.

I suppose a brief ‘What-Have-I-Been-Up-To’ montage is in order. The past few months have been full of:



Staring blankly at my keyboard Writing


Deleting what I wrote because it’s crap Writing

and spending tons of quality time with family

And there’s some other stuff, too, but I’ll get around to that in time.

Topics on the horizon:

  •  the #1 Love/Hate relationship in my life
  •   a new project
  •  gratuitous pictures of cute dogs

Happy Tuesday!

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  1. Welcome back! Sure enjoyed the photos!

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