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Posted on Jun 17, 2012

Happy Father’s Day!

When I was a little girl, my dad made it clear to me that I could do anything. Be it sports, music, art, underwater basketweaving, whatever.

He always made sure that I knew he had full faith in me – that whatever I did, he’d be right behind me, ready to cheer me on or catch me if I stumbled.

And you know the awesome thing?

He still does that now.

My father is one of the hardest working individuals I’ve ever known. He’s devoted his life to caring for people as a family physician, giving of himself in every way (time, energy, sleep…). When I was growing up, people would stop me all the time to  tell me how he took such good care of them and what a blessing he had been. He treats the person, not just the symptoms and it makes a difference in the lives of his patients.

Dad, I am so proud to be your daughter. You’ve taught me to value personal happiness and peace above outside praise. You’ve shown me what it is to be a truly generous person – to give of yourself when the tank is dry, so to speak. You’ve raised me to know Christ and to also know forgiveness.

I love you. Thanks for putting up with me for the past 20-something years πŸ™‚


(apologies for the super grainy quality…the inevitable result of scanning into a teeny-tiny photo)

Gah! My parents look so young and vibrant in that picture, and I…well, I look slightly stupified.For some reason, this is pretty much the expression I have in all my baby pictures. I’m just going to assume that my little baby mind was trying to figure out how a camera worked and thus too busy to actually look alert.


Hope everyone has a perfectly lovely Father’s Day!


  1. Thank you darling, I love you.

  2. It’s a look of amazement! You were always amazed by things! πŸ™‚
    (That’s what I’m going to think….:) )
    Anyway, what thoughtful, sweet words about your dad. He IS so very proud of you, always. We are excited about your next adventure! Wherever it may be.

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