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Posted on Jul 5, 2011

freedom days

Life has been a little intense lately so we took a much-needed respite to our hometown for a few days. Though the drive is long, the coastal breeze, sandy shores and laid-back pace are completely worth it.

During this long weekend, we were spoiled with lazy breakfasts outside with lots and lots of fresh fruit, beach-side reading, strolling around the Fourth of July festival, fireworks and homemade (coconut milk) ice cream. Though I’d love for our vacation to keep going (and going and going), real life beckons and now we must make our long trek back to PA. Hopefully, the peace and contentment I feel now will carry through to the day-to-day routine of home. It’s so easy to get caught up in the hectic pace of life’s daily demands and forget the elements of life that sustain and nourish. There’s nothing like a vacation to remind you to just. slow. down.  To take stock and think, wow – life really is incredible.

As Andrew and I make the drive back to PA (made so much shorter with a great book to listen to!), here’s a little glimpse into the past few days:




  1. I love The Simple Lens Heather! It is incredible. Everyone is so proud of you. Michel and I have talked about it all day.

  2. So glad you were able to “take a break” and visit wih Andrew’s family. The 4th is always a fun time in Southport and the beach is always a great place to relax and enjoy. Hope this helps you to “carry on” until the next time…..

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