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Posted on Aug 11, 2011

Dog Tales

A week ago today, this little guy had surgery.

After favoring his back right leg, we took him in to the vet who found that Sherlock had a torn miniscus. During surgery last Thursday, the vet discovered that both cruciate ligaments in that leg were also torn.

Needless to say, Sherlock’s had a rough time of it. And we’ve learned several new things that Sherlock doesn’t much care for:

1) Ice packs.

2) Pills (no matter how you disguise them)

3) ‘Resting’

Even though Sherlock only has 3 functional legs right now, he doesn’t really understand the concept of resting. He’s surprisingly mobile and we frequently have to tell him to sit or lay down.

Even though he had his leg sliced open and has a strip of nasty stitches to prove it, he doesn’t seem to be bothered by it very much. His warm little body is still a bundle of happiness when I walk in the door. He still sniffs the fresh air outside with all the deliberation of a fine air connoisseur. He still growls if Sawyer gets within 50 yards of his food dish. Oh, and he still snores louder than anyone I know.

This surgery was not cheap. It was close to 2 months mortgage.

Some people cannot fathom spending so much money on a dog.

But my dog – my baby- has been generous in a way that knows no bounds. He has waited ever so patiently by my side just for a simple pat on the head. He has curled up on top of my feet and kept them warm through countless winter nights. He has enthusiastically ‘vacuumed’ the kitchen floor every time I’ve ever cooked. On days when I’ve felt my absolute worst, he has laid his head on my lap and reminded me from the depths of his eyes that life is still beautiful.

I am his caretaker, his guardian. So what if it means some temporary belt-tightening? Heck, I was a graduate student. I am extremely qualified in the department of frugal living.

Besides, the riches in my life have no dollar value. They are family, friends and my beloved four-legged companions. They are meals shared with my husband and myriad fireflies in the backyard. They are fresh vegetables picked from the garden that we’ve worked hard to create. They are faith in God and comfort in the knowledge that this too shall pass.

In the end, the money doesn’t matter. It never will. The family (including my dogs), the friends and the memories that populate my life hold meaning far beyond money.

So, today I am grateful – for what I have and what I don’t have. I wish all of you lovely readers a beautiful day – one where hopefully you can take a minute to remember what matters, smile and then give your dog a great big hug.




    1. First, let me dry my eyes. Now, let me tell you I am so very proud of you and love you so much. And, I am so happy my grand-dog is doing so well. Give him a big hug from me and TSLdad.

    2. Can I just say I agree with TSLmom!!!

    3. Great article. It helps to be reminded of what is important in life.

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