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Posted on Aug 8, 2011

Cloudy with a chance of blueberries

This weekend was a rainy one, indeed. Not that I’m complaining – I’m fairly sure there were little leafy squeals of joy from the garden when the first few drops hit. We’ve needed rain in a bad way so it was welcomed with open arms. The only problem with rain is that I end up stuck inside.  You already know how much I like to be outside, so you can guess that when it rains, I’m prone to a little cabin fever. After staring out the window like a forlorn puppy, I darted outside in between the downpours to play around with the camera. Though it wasn’t long before I had to run for cover, I was able to capture a few scenes from a rainy summer day:

For some reason, rainy days usually bring up a totally unreasonable desire for cake or cookies…or both. This weekend was no different except that I didn’t want anything particularly sweet…and I certainly wasn’t going to bake an entire cake.

So, what’s a girl to do when she wants something cake-like but not very sweet? Oh, and it has to be super easy, pretty darn quick and only use a handful of ingredients already on hand?

Well, that girl improvises. I had sourdough bread.

I had a peach. And you already know that I have a gazillion blueberries (our freezer runneth over). This came together so easily that I really don’t think it qualifies as a recipe. So, we’ll call it advice.

Here’s a little advice: Dice a peach and place on a slice of sourdough bread (or 2 if your husband happens to be around, watching you hopefully). Toss on some blueberries and drizzle a teaspoon of molasses on top. Place on a pan and bake in the oven at 350 degrees for 10-12 minutes.

See? Way too simple to be called a recipe.

This was quite good.

But it was way better with two little scoops of AmondDream semi-melted on top. I know, I know – sourdough and ice cream nondairy frozen dessert?

But it works. It works in a wonderfully comforting-on-a-rainy-afternoon way.

(Though you could certainly have it on a not-rainy day – I won’t judge :))

and yes….I realized this is basically just glorified toast.

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    1. Love the photos! I am always thrilled when you can take a dreary day and turn it into “sunshine”. It makes MY day brighter, too. The blueberry/peach toast looks absolutel delicious and I will definitely be trying it. Thanks for sharing! And keep those photos coming…..

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