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Posted on Jan 28, 2012

book it

So I have a confession to make.

I am one of those people who is completely impressionable when it comes to books (and some movies).

It is not at all unusual for Andrew to look over and see me with my face buried in the Kindle, tears streaming down my face. I promise I don’t spend all my time reading sad stories – I just happen to be easily moved and lack any control over my tear ducts, I guess.

I’m also a book-devourer. I have no self-control around a good story. I envy the folks who can make a book last, savoring its pages, drawing them out.

Not me. If the story captivates me, I greedily plow through the pages, staying up until the wee hours when my eyes are tired and begging to close but I simply must know what happens. And so I read read read – and finish.

And after I finish a truly great book, I always think what next? How can anything compete?

But literature is lovely in that it is ever-growing. There are new stories (and old) waiting to be discovered, waiting for you to stick your toes in, test the water and then fully immerse yourself.

In this age, it’s easy to forget books – to forget the written word when it’s not in the form of a text or social media. I find I am frequently sucked in to ‘busy’ and let literature fall to the wayside. Yet it’s always there, ready to envelope me in another flow of characters and setting and plot twists, leading me to truths made profound by my careful ignorance (or maybe more accurately, distraction from) them.

A great story connects you to a part of yourself that you haven’t seen in awhile, that you haven’t properly examined. A truly great story takes you one step further and inspires you to share that connection with someone else.

I’ve been reading some truly great stories as of late and since I can’t quit blabbing about them, I’m going to share them on here. I’ve made a Reads page where I’ll list books I’ve recently read or am currently reading. I’ve also listed some of the blogs I enjoy.

One final thought – if you haven’t read The Night Circus….get thee to a bookstore or a kindle download. It’s simply stunning writing.



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